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What does 5-star baby teether suppliers and silicone bead supplies can do for your business? Provide high quality wholesale silicone baby teether and silicone beads at competitive prices, reliable and cheap shipping, OEM/ODM to offer customization services, good after-sale and customer services. Melikey Silicone is one of the top china silicone baby teether suppliers and silicone bead supplies.we provide one-stop services for our customers from design, mould making, custom logo and private label, personalized packaging, and best shipping solutions. Every season, Melikey Silicone releases wholesale silicone teethers and silicone beads to the market. 

Besides our main supply silicone teether wholesale, wholesale silicone beads, we are also one of the top china wooden baby teether suppliers and teething bracelet silicone suppliers.


huizhou melikey silicone product co., ltd was established on 2016.We specialize in new silicone products. Our goal is to provide the healthiest, eco-friendly, convenient and stylish silicone products in the world. All our products are 100% developed by ourselves and we own the intellectual property rights. We sell our products independently, but we also welcome OEM/ODM.

Melikey wholesale baby teethers and silicone teether beads for more than 6 years. We have always insisted that product quality is life,so we have strict guarantee for wholesale silicone baby products quality.  Melikey is committed to professional service, product Innovation, best price. Welcome to contact us ! 

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In 2016, we only had one office computer, one printer, and CNC machines. As parents of children, we care about the quality of our silicone baby products wholesale . We believe that only good quality can take root and succeed in this industry, so we always focus on product quality, and provide excellent customer service and customized services. In the past 6 years, we have achieved great results and managed to become one of the most influential baby silicone teethers wholesale and silicone teething beads bulk suppliers in China.

Our advantage is to provide customers with personalized customized services, from 3D design drawings to customized LOGO and packaging. Our professional design team and production team can perfectly transform customers’ ideas into products. Melikey Silicone keeps releasing new designs for silicone teething beads and bulk silicone teethers. Our silicone baby teethers wholesale and silicone beads bulk are always popular in the market.

Our wholesale teething supplies are FDA approved food grade silicone, BPA free, non-toxic and odorless. We always focus on product quality, from raw material procurement, production and packaging, every step has a full quality inspection or sampling checking. Any defect in the product is not allowed, we will throw the defective product into the garbage heap to ensure that it does not enter the market. The baby teethers wholesale are designed with full consideration of safety to ensure that the baby can use it safely without the danger of chocking hazard.

Melikey as the china silicone teether bracelet factory. Easy to clean and use silicone baby teether wholesale, various shapes and textures help baby learn. Silicone teethers are versatile and cute. As you can see these benefits of food grade silicone teether, you can buy silicone teether wholesale from us.

Melikey not only sell silicone bead teethers but also silicone bead wholesale. Silicone beads offered in many different shapes and sizes. Perfect for creating your own personal crafts, or supplies for your small business.

We are silicone baby products factory, one of top china silicone baby teether suppliers and wholesale teething bracelet silicone suppliers. all the wholesale teethers, silicone teething rings wholesale, wholesale silicone teether bracelet and bulk silicone beads  are in stock. Custom baby teethers are highly welcomed. Our sales team are passionate and responsible, professional, contact us to get more details for baby teether wholesale, silicone beads wholesale,wholesale teether bracelet silicon and bulk teething rings.

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